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Experienced and Strategic.

The Firm: Team

Lisa-Renee Haseley

Lisa-Renee Haseley is the founding lawyer of Haseley Law.  After working at a top-tier law firm for many years she obtained her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School.  After being called to the bar Lisa-Renee Haseley established Haseley Law the vision of providing affordable legal services to those in need of assistance navigating the legal process.

Lisa-Renee Haseley has gained a wide range of practical experience throughout her legal career and while she completed her licensing requirements with an downtown estate litigation firm.  She has also successful completed the Stitt Feld Handy Negotiation Course.

Lisa-Renee Haseley exhibits professionalism and compassion while providing legal assistance to her clients at every stage of their legal matter.  She is committed to providing her clients with quality legal advice at affordable prices.  She is a zealous advocate who takes a result-oriented approach to her resolving her clients' legal matter with minimal conflict and time.

Lisa-Renee Haseley is ready to take your case head on. Inside the courtroom or over a cup of coffee, Lisa-Renee Haseley is your trusted source of legal advice, professional representation and strategic planning.

When Lisa is not practicing law she is the proud wife and mother to two children, an avid reader and self proclaimed movie buff.

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